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We Buy Bultaco Parts, Motorcycles, Literature, etc | NOS Used, etc


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We buy Bultaco Parts, Motorcycles, Literature, etc!

Reasonable Marketplace Cash price(s) paid. See the following rough guidelines we use. Condition, condition, condition plays a big role. Do we travel? Within a 5 mins-12hr round trip. Contact us for more details.

Caveat: This is not meant to insult or demean anyone. This is to provide education on more fair, positive parts pricing and negotiations.

A few forward notes:

  • We will not buy broken or exploded engines for $300-$600 (regardless) that you paid someone $2500 to rebuild.
  • We will not pay $200-$600 for engines that have broken cases, broken off case bits, case cracks/holes, cylinders that have the liner bored out.
  • We will not pay a lot of money for a "restored", "factory restored", "restored to original condition", "etc" bike(s) that obviously and clearly need to be completely stripped down, correctly restored and repaired (as needed).

Pricing Guidelines:

  • Non-matching numbers roller(s) start at $50-$500 depending on condition, what is there, & model number.
  • Matching numbers roller(s) start at $50-$500 depending on condition, what is there, & model number.
  • Bare frames usually are $25-$100 depending on condition & model number.
  • Broken, cracked, rusted out/missing portions bare frame start at $5-$15.
  • Swing-arms $25-$100 depending on condition & model.
  • Wheels & assemblies start at $50.
  • Forks are tricky. Usually you have no idea if there are parts inside - making the whole thing moot point. $50-150 depending on condition & size.
  • Complete engines depend on condition & model number. $50-$299. Subtract around $50 or more for missing parts.
  • Crank assemblies. $10-$75 depending on condition & model (if known).  NOS starts at $50-$150 if the part number tags exist.