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Non-Resistor Spark Plugs | Bultaco Various


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This item is out of stock

New non-resistor spark plugs!
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You get (1) spark plug.

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"Dir. Repl.": Spark plug from owner's manual cross referenced to the modern equivalent plug.

It differs from spark plug manufacturer's recommended list.

A) A hotter plug provides better initial cold starting (if everything else is correct), but it can reduce hp performance.

B) The "Racing" Pursang spark plug (Dir. Repl. or Alt.) is cold (like factory) to provide maximum hp from the motor (if everything is correct & working properly to factory specs).

C) "Holing" sometimes accompanied by skirt seizure underlining causes: 1) Ignition problems - Timing!, 2) Air leak or leaks - Crank seals, 3) Lean conditions - Carb!