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Bultaco: The Great Machine Book


Bultaco: The Great Machine 1st Ed by Crispin Swallow 2015
83 pages, Color, tan front & back, comb bound.

Limited 50 book printing. Available for the first time ever!

A comprehensive book detailing ignition timing, torque ratings, lubrication, wiring charts and much more! All the information in this book is incredibly hard to find and/or impossible to find elsewhere! For wide range of Bultaco model lines. You need this book if you have a Bultaco, thinking of getting one or want to read about the great machine.

Sample of Contents

a) Comprehensive List of Piston sizes
b) Comprehensive Model List
c)Torque Values:
1963-1978 by year, model, eng size

d) Timing Instructions:

e) Wiring Diagrams:
Alpina 85, 97, 98, 99, 115, 116, 187, 188, 212, 213
Frontera 214, 215
Matador MK4
Sherpa T