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Bultaco Con Rod Small End 16mm Bearing, Large OD New Alpina Matador Pursang Sherpa T


Bultaco Con Rod Small End Roller Bearing w/Large OD

New roller bearing specific for Bultacos! Con Rod small end bearing (piston bearing) w/Large OD. For 16mm diameter piston pins.

Bultaco ref #11.10-013 & substitute for #610-013-C (if you have the matched rod & piston). You get (1) roller bearing.

Model Fitment:
Alpina 125cc/250cc

Campera 175cc

Frontera 250cc

Lobito 125cc/175cc

Matador 200cc/250cc

Mercurio 155cc/175cc/200cc

Metralla Model 8, 23

Pursang 125cc/200cc

Pursang 250cc Model 11, 42, 48, 68, 103 (16mm dia. piston pins!)

Sherpa S 125cc/175cc/200cc

Sherpa T 125cc/250cc